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Re-Engineering Healthcare Communications

Converged IP Networking holds the promise of enabling access to information at the point of care through a single, shared or personal communication device. It is poised to change the rules of delivering healthcare services with an impact on a new model of patient-centered care.

Today more than ever, the baby boomer generation is putting pressure on healthcare providers who are challenged by not only the growing numbers of baby boomers, but also by their expectation to have a positive healthcare outcome and to enjoy quality care and safety as they journey through a healthcare facility. This group known as “the new silvers” is poised to swamp the current healthcare system, and will inevitably force the re-engineering of how healthcare communications services are delivered.

MitelĀ© Voice over IP technology, its family of IP Communication Platforms and IP collaborative solutions, combined with the unique IP multicasting capability of the feature-rich TELE-CALL, product allow hospital staff to deliver these services to the bedside as patients transition through the healthcare facility. Patients benefit from a positive experience, increased safety, high quality of services, all of which ultimately impacts a patient’s healthcare outcome in a positive way.

The need for new technologies and solutions that allow access to on-time and up-to-date patient information at the point of care, deliver new services to clinicians, physicians and patients, wherever they are in the healthcare establishment, has never been so critical.