Cloud Exchange

Take complete advantage of our cloud-based services including our secure hosted email exchange with our fully redundant, VMware-based platform.

Productivity starts with sound connectivity.

We’ve made “freedom” synonymous with “invincibility” with our secure hosted email exchange. You’re free to choose the email client that fits your business, while remaining confident that your work is invulnerable on our redundant VMware-based platform.

Share calendars, save important emails, and access your account from anywhere. And since we manage all email services for a predictable monthly fee, you’ll be able to save on IT costs for your company.

A hosted cloud exchange allows your business to enjoy the security it deserves. By taking advantage of our fully managed data centers, your company is able to protect any email or file exchange. Benefit from email service that is reliable.

Guaranteed uptime

We understand that in order to run your business, you need your email to be continuously up and running. We offer guaranteed network uptime to ensure that you keep up productivity, uninterrupted.

Secure encryption

Email transmissions should be secure and protected. Our data centers help provide extra protection to your emails. Take advantage of Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus scans for all emails going through the cloud exchange.

Compatibility with your current email host

Do you use Outlook for your emails? Our Cloud Exchange works with Outlook, designed to help you share calendars, access global address lists, and share task lists to anyone you communicate with to run your business.

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