Dark Fiber

Experience a more efficient network management and gain access to high speed and reliable connection with our dark fiber network.

High-Speed Connection for High Efficiency

Slow and expensive connectivity? Not with Convergence dark fiber services. Utilizing ATT underground conduit system, Convergence can connect your facilities together or connect you directly into multiple Internet backbones. By leasing your own dark fiber network, you will gain unrestricted access to specific strands of fiber optic cable between your locations. You choose the gear to light your network and you maintain complete control of protocol, platform, and bandwidth for the ultimate in flexibility. Our knowledge and experience allows us to build, integrate, and operate fiber optic networks for clients whether their needs are across the street or across town.

As a leader in providing affordable, high-speed, dedicated fiber optic networks for business enterprises and health care institutions, Convergence can provide you with:


  • Identifying and planning your connectivity route
  • Market Knowledge, we know the infrastructure, and the processes to quickly and cost-effectively deploy required systems and services
  • Unrestricted access to unlimited bandwidth- Converge your networks, eliminate bottlenecks and future-proof your WAN
  • Fixed-cost pricing for long-term savings- Add all the bandwidth you need at no extra cost. Get the optimum return on your telecommunications investment
  • More efficient network management- Centralize, simplify and streamline your network configuration with Convergence dark fiber services

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