Cloud Desktop (DaaS)

Providing more ways to keep you productive on the go. Access work hosted in our redundant VMware environment from any PC, thin client, webpage, or mobile device.

Always on-the-go or have employees who telecommute? Consider implementing a virtual desktop that can be easily accessed from any device. Hosted on a secure cloud system, Convergence’s Cloud Desktop allows you to access files, applications, etc. at your convenience on your preferred device.

Our Windows 7 virtual desktop ensures that your work is always at your fingertips. Hosted in our redundant VMware environment, the Cloud Desktop is accessible from your PC, thin client, webpage, or mobile device. And when fewer devices are in use, the system utilizes the space for faster downloads.

Enjoy speedy and convenient access to your files for just $99 per month with the option to add RAM, hard drive space, or CPU’s.

Features include:

  • Remote file access
  • Access from ANY device
  • File Transfer
  • Redundancy

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