Unified Communications (UCaaS)

Convergence Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a pay-as-you-grow infrastructure available in private, public and hybrid deployment models for your unified communications.

Convergence Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Convergence Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offers a pay-as-you-grow, VMware-driven virtual data center infrastructure optimized to deliver the highest possible performance for Convergence’s award winning suite of Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) applications.

Available in public, private or hybrid cloud deployment, UCaaS meets the low latency, high-availability demands of Convergence IP voice, video and other virtualized UCC applications – while also providing the powerful diagnostic and management tools that you need to productively maintain your communications and collaboration architecture throughout its full lifecycle.

Simplify Your Infrastructure, Focus Your Resources

With UCaaS, realizing the full business potential of your Convergence Unified Communications solutions portfolio no longer demands the additional labor and expense of racking and stacking hardware in your own data centers.

By deploying your Convergence UCC software applications to a secure, high performance, cloud-based infrastructure, you eliminate complex, inefficient IT environments. You replace rigid computing constraints with the freedom to scale your infrastructure quickly and easily – as your needs grow – without paying for unused computing resources. This enables you to focus your time and resources on business critical technology initiatives.

Modernize Your Business Communications, Minimize Your Capital Expenditures

Business communication continues to accelerate at a steady pace. Features and functionality that were once “nice to have” are now essential to engaging your customers, prospects and business partners. Multi-point video conferencing, interactive collaboration, mobile integration, voicemail to email, automatic call distribution, and other Unified Messaging and UCC technology empower your employees to gain an advantage over your competitors.

UCaaS provides a cost-effective way for companies to modernize or expand business communications without the need to invest in expensive servers, network routers, switches, security mechanisms and other in-house datacenter equipment. Convergence’s state-of-art data center provides the latest in secure and reliable hosted technology.

Eliminate the unexpected support costs of hardware failure and the continuous need to purchase additional or new equipment to maintain pace with innovations in IT technology. From maintenance to upgrades, we manage every aspect of the environment.

The Convergence Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Delivers

  • Flexible deployment options
  • On-demand scalability
  • Improved IT infrastructure flexibility
  • Increased resource efficiency
  • Industry-leading reliability
  • Reduced capital expenses
  • Lower maintenance and support costs

Business Continuity and Reliability

Saving money and improving efficiencies is important, but maintaining business continuity is critical to your organization and probably your job. Unexpected hardware failures, natural disasters, power outages, and other disruptions resulting in the loss of business communications can have a big impact on revenue and profitability. Having a business continuity and disaster recovery plan that monitors your system in real-time and provides failover protection can save you a lot of time, frustration and money.

UCaaS is hosted in Convergence’s private, secure data centers and are designed, optimized and maintained according to industry best standards for high availability (HA) computing facilities.

  • Hosted at SSAE-16 certified virtual private data centers
  • 99.999% (“five-nine”) uptime, guaranteed by SLA
  • Exceptionally low I/O latency, guaranteed under 35ms by SLA
  • Services deployable in DR, backup and colocation/failover scenarios
  • Multi-site redundancy
  • Dual power feeds
  • Uninterrupted power supplies and redundant on-site generators
  • HIPAA, SOX and PCI compliance
  • High level of physical data center security

Managed by a team of highly experienced Convergence data and UC engineers, our data centers are ready to deliver exceptional performance with unparalleled service reliability. Functioning as either your primary voice infrastructure or as an integral part of your disaster recovery strategy, in the event that your business communications experience any disruptions, your calls are seamlessly and immediately re-routed without dropping a call.

VMware Performance. Convergence Excellence.

Leveraging the power of Convergence’s Freedom Architecture, the Convergence Infrastructure as a Service is powered by VMware’s industry-leading virtual product portfolio and optimized for deployment of Convergence’s virtual UCC applications. You get all the functionality and features of Convergence’s award-winning unified communications solutions delivered as a complete package of virtual appliances that can be deployed alongside other virtual applications in Convergence’s VMware-enabled data centers. This provides an innovative way to manage and converge real-time applications cost-effectively.

Convergence virtual solutions enable you to deploy and manage your unified communications like any other VMware application, instead of maintaining a separate set of processes, tools and staff for voice communications. With Convergence Virtual Solutions you can take advantage of VMware vCenter™ advanced management tools for:

  • Virtual machine creation and configuration, health monitoring, performance reports and more
  • Live migration of virtual machines from one server to another with zero downtime – even calls in process aren’t dropped when you move a virtualized instance of MiVoice Business from one virtual machine to another
  • Automated migration of virtual machines to balance workloads and optimize the use of server resources

By virtualizing UC applications, you can transform infrastructure into an integrated, dynamic and flexible service that delivers efficiency, control and choice – which dramatically lowers capital and operating costs.

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