Cloud Servers

Stored in our managed data centers, our cloud servers include a fully redundant hosting system and utmost security.

Have confidence that your data will be secure and accessible. Our cloud servers are housed in a reliable data center with a fully redundant hosting system and offer flexibility, performance and management options to fit your needs.

Reliability you can trust

Our state-of-the-art data center houses the latest hardware with the fastest processors for fully redundant networking, maximum performance and multi-region support.

Flexibility that suits you

We provide an open-source operating system with flexible architectures, imaging functionality, SSH authentication and user-friendly configuration drives, APIs and SDKs. We also allow you to easily scale your cloud as needed and offer competitive pricing.

Dependable storage

Our high-performance servers effortlessly handle disc contention issues that typically plague other cloud solutions. We increase our storage capacity regularly to stay ahead of growing data volume demands.

Networking at high speeds

We power your bandwidth-intensive applications with a lightning-fast network and our load balancers work to make everything as efficient as possible.

Direct access and management

While our competitors rely on self-service consoles through a VPN, we use private circuits to give you direct access to your Cloud Server. We give you access to the virtual machine along with tools for mobile access, creating authorized users with restricted access and recovering past configurations and data.

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