Managed IT Services

Benefit from reliable hosted and on-site IT services that are available around the clock.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Would your data survive a disaster? Can you afford to take the chance?

There are only two types of hard drives – those that have failed and those that will fail. It’s only a matter of time. With Convergence’s Backup & Disaster Recovery services, all of your data is continuously archived, redundant and ready to restore at a moment’s notice. Even after a major disaster, you can trust that your data is safe and sound.

Data – one of your company’s most valuable assets

Over 80% of businesses aren’t protecting their data with a reliable backup solution! Containing invaluable and irreplaceable information, your company’s data is the culmination of years of hard work and it could all be lost with just one malfunctioning hard drive. How secure are your backups?

Know that your data is ALWAYS safe.

Just one experience with data loss and you’ll understand just how important data backup is. Whether you use tape drives or another type of external storage, waiting for a backup to be restored can cause tremendous downtime. Our Disaster Recovery services take minutes away from your productivity, instead of hours or days.

Not only does our system continually back up your data throughout the day but, in the event of a malfunction, it can assume the role of a server while still performing incremental backups. This means your network stays up in the event of an outage. At Convergence, we don’t just offer data backup solutions, we provide a complete fail-safe for your servers to ensure you are always up and running.

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