Managed IT Services

Benefit from reliable hosted and on-site IT services that are available around the clock.

Your company’s nervous system.

Information within your company should flow freely and securely across your IT network. We monitor a standard set of metrics for typical network devices that include link status, bandwidth utilization, errors and packets, as well as other popular metrics like CPU utilization, memory and power supplies. For UPS equipment and Generators, our network management services include monitoring power levels (input/output), batteries, time remaining, standby status and transfer switches, with some generators reporting on fuel level, running time and more. We also monitor environmental information like temperature, humidity, water, airflow and more.

While some equipment is IP-addressable directly, for those that aren’t, we can recommend several third-party vendors of contact-closure and analog input devices to make your equipment more monitoring-friendly.

• Routers & Switches
• Firewalls
• Security Appliances
• Load Balancers
• Metrics Monitored
• Generators
• Temperature
• Humidity
• SONET Rings
• VPNs

Monitoring Methods

We use a combination of standard protocols such as ICMP Ping and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to monitor network equipment. For some devices, we utilize Call Level Interface (CLI) scripts to poll for data not readily available through a standard protocol. In other cases, we may pull statistics from the web or via XML monitoring. We also fully support processing of SNMP traps and syslog generated by monitored network equipment.

Our flexible, rules-based processing engine allows us to specify the severity of events at the moment they’re received. We then generate emails, pages or phone calls to your staff from our 24/7 NOC. Rules can even be set to be time or count-based, allowing us to send you alerts when a defined number of events are reported within a specified time period. As a managed service, the Convergence NOC staff can maintain these complex rules so you don’t have to!

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